What to expect at a Roundup:


During the Roundup, we expect you to abide by the following rules -- these are not suggestions - they must be obeyed or you will be asked to leave the estate grounds and you will not be allowed back to another Roundup. Men heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the Roundup will be excluded. There is more information about who can register (and so participate) under the menu item for Contact US & Registration. For more information, please see below and read the FAQs.

No. 1 - Mares

Mares must be ready for stabling at approximately 30 minutes before the beginning of the Roundup, well before the stallions arrive. Mares will be instructed when and where to assemble as they arrive, since it is assumed that most will already be resident (that is, guests) at the lodge where the roundups are held.

-- Mares must be naked, completely. Only shoes or boots, socks, cock-rings, and/or a harness may be kept on. Chaps, pants or any other outerwear is not allowed.

-- Once the mares are naked, blinders or blindfolds will be put on by the stable boys. These may not be removed, even by the stallions or the cowboys. The mares will not know who is covering or riding them during the Roundup. A mare cannot refuse a stallion or a cowboy. A mare must always surrender and let himself be mounted. (please see the exceptions to this requirement in the FAQs)

-- Once blindered, the mares have their hands hobbled (bound or tied, either with a leather hobble or rope) and are led to the outside paddocks, lawns, or woods, where they will be tied to hitching posts located throughout the property. Some mares will be led to stable stalls inside the lodge. All mares are bound, either standing, bent over, lying, kneeling or positioned on all fours.

-- During the Roundup, the stable boys or cowboys attend to the needs of the mares (bringing drinks, providing lube, retieing or hitching them to the rails, toilet breaks, etc…). Mares may ask cowboys and stable boys to aid them during the Roundup, but they may never remove their blinders, even when taking breaks.


Stable care or resting: Should a mare require anything (e.g. drinks) or need to have a break, he calls for a stable boy or cowboy, to whom he can directly speak and explain his needs. The stable boys and cowboys are expected to minister to the mare's needs, care, overall welfare and safety. If the mare wants a break, he is taken to another part of the stables, or a quiet part of the lawn or woods, where he can fully recuperate from any physically strenuous mount.

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No. 2 - Stallions

Stallions are only allowed to enter the Roundup grounds once all the mares are prepared and in position on the estate. The stallions move around the grounds freely, and can inspect the quality of the mares (e.g. feeling their bodies, touching their cocks and asses, etc.), talk with other stallions or cowboys about the willingness, readiness or quality of the mares, or can take a pick of a mare and mount him.

-- Once a stallion has decided upon a mare, he may untie the mare, or asks a stable boy or cowboy to do so. He can lead the mare away to be mounted, to a covering place of his choice (stall, sling, lawn, woods, etc.) Mares may be mounted at the hitching posts or trees to which they are tied -- they need not be covered in private.

-- The stallion mounts the mare as he pleases. Please note: the mare’s blindfold is never to be removed. No exceptions are allowed. If you violate this regulation, you will be asked to leave immediately. A mare cannot refuse a stallion. A mare must always surrender to the stallion and let himself be mounted. (please see the exceptions to this requirement in the FAQs)

-- After use, the stallion returns and re-ties the broken-in mare, or asks a stable boy or cowboy to do so, The mare is then free for covering by other stallions (or cowboys).

-- Stallions may wear chaps, harnesses, cock rings, boots, or appropriate foot wear, but they are encouraged to be naked or as close to naked as possible. Hiding the body is not encouraged, since cowboys will want to inspect a stallion before he rides him, or before he ropes the stallion to a mare for covering and riding.




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No. 3 - Cowboys

A special group of participants will be allowed to ride both stallions and mares. They are the cowboys of the Roundup. Their roles are a combination of participants in the Roundup, freely riding any stallion or mare, and with the help of the stable boys, the cowboys ensure the smooth flowing of events and care for the needs of the mares.

There is a special bond between a Cowboy and his horse -- that bond is expected of all men who consider this role.

Cowboys must wear cowboy hats, and they may also wear chaps, harnesses, boots, cock rings, or other approriate masculine ranch wear. They must be basically naked, and these accessories are not expected to cover their bodies, but rather to orniment them.

Please note: Only men who have prior approval by the Master of the Horse can wear cowboy hats and assume this role. You must contact the Master well before the start of the event to be approved as a cowboy. Not all men are suitable for this role and refusal may occur -- but you would still be eligible to be a stallion or a mare.

-- Cowboys can rope and so mount both a stallion and a mare, or both at the same time. This is the unique advantage of the cowboys, but it comes with the requirement that they help maintain the grounds and care for the needs of the mares during the Roundup.






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No. 4 - Roundup Conclusion

Once the mares have been covered and the stallions or cowboys no longer have any use for them, the stallions leave the stables or grounds of the Roundup. They may return to the upper floors of the House or to thier cars if they are not overnight guests. Only after the last stallion and cowboy has gone will the mares’ blindfolds or blinders be taken off.

If a mare wishes to leave the roundup earlier, a stable boy or cowboy takes the mare, still blindfolded to the House so he can to get dressed. With the help of the stable boy, the mare then leaves the grounds still blindfolded until he is in the front parking lot, again, without coming into any visual contact with any of the stallions and/or the rest of the men at the Roundup. If the mare is an overnight guest, the stable boy will lead the mare to his room, where he must remain in his bunk/bed until the end of the Roundup.

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No. 5 - General Registration Considerations and Personal Responsibility

By registering for the Rough Stock Roundup, you agree to abide by all of the regulations and expectations of the event. You accept all responsibility for your own behavior and its consequences at the event, and you agree to act like an adult, with discretion and respect for the well-being and enjoyment of the other participants at the Roundup.

If you cannot agree to any of these regulations, then this is not a party for you. We and our hosts accept no liability for physical, mental, emotional or other damages to health. We and our hosts also accept no liability for material or financial losses of any sort, none at all. You agree to these conditions with your registration and payment for the Roundup. This registration is binding and non-transferrable, along with non-refundable.

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