Registration and more information

You must register before attending a Roundup. Complete the form below and Submit it to the Master of the Horse. You will be contacted for your payment and room assignment. If you have pictures on another website, be sure to complete that section of the form -- otherwise, you will be asked to send some to The Master of the Horse before your registration can be completed.

If you were referred by a known member of the Rough Stock Roundup, be sure to fill in his name and email -- referrals are the fastest way to join in a Roundup.

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Select Dates to attend:

You may select more than one date.

-- January 20-21, 2023 -- theme: Mid-Winter Games
-- January 21 (Saturday party-bed for stayover)
-- January 21 (Saturday party-Stall Pass only - no bed/stayover)
-- January 20 & 21 (Full weekend - includes bed/bunk)

-- February 17 & 18, 2023 -- theme: Horseplay, The Seed, Sweat
-- February 18 (Saturday party-bed for stayover)
-- February 18 (Saturday party-Stall Pass only - no bed/stayover)
-- February 17 & 18 (Full weekend - includes bed/bunk)

You must select at least one date.

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Minimum information to Register

You don't have to fill out all the blanks in this form to register for the Roundup. Your name, email, address, phone, and the Role you choose along with the Roundup Date are required to begin your registration and bed assignment. If you want to pay by credit card, it can be done by email, online, or by telephone -- instructions for doing so will be sent in your confirmation reply.

Please note that if you were not referred by a Member of the Rough Stock Roundup, you will need to provide pictures to The Master of the Horse, or submit on the form a handle/name to a profile on an outside website. You must match your pictures when you arrive for the Roundup or you will be sent away. There is no contesting the decisions of The Master of the Horse.