What is the price of the Roundup?

The cost for coming to the Roundup is $75.00 (US) per night and includes your overnight stay in a bed/bunk either in House or in the Cabin. Coffee/tea and a grazing counter are available at all times, too. The fee should be paid as soon as you receive a confirmation. It is non-refundable, but if you must cancel for a good reason, your payment and registration can be transferred to a later date.


You should pay for the Roundup here once you have received a confirmation. If you have attended previous Roundups, you are automatically confirmed, and may pay at any time. Your receipt will come from the hosting lodge, and the total will include the cc processing charge (3%) and VT lodging tax (9%).

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Registering for the Rough Stock Roundup automatically allows you a bed/bunk for the overnight stay at the the hosting lodge,

The Gargoyle House

There are a number of different sleeping arrangements available, including in-house single bunks, shared double/queen beds, outside authentic Crow tipis (Summer/Fall), and a cabin in the woods. The sleeping arrangements are assigned on a first come, first served basis. If you have a buddy, a partner, or a husband with whom you want to share a bed, be sure to stipulate it on the registration form when you apply. Otherwise, if you are given a double or queen bed, you will be randomly assigned to share a bed with another particpant .


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