What is the Rough Stock Roundup?

The Rough Stock Roundup is a private event similar to the Horse Fairs (Fickstutenmarkt) that take place in Europe. There is a significant difference because the Rough Stock Roundups have stallions, mares, and cowboys. In addition, 'Rough Stock' is the name given to wild, free ranging animals, mustangs and mavericks who are not spoilt by being branded and broken-in. A good horseman can ride a rough stock horse without a saddle, using only a bridle or harness.

At our events willing mares offer themselves to stallions. But at our Roundups, there are also cowboys who can ride either mares or stallions, or even rope them together and ride them both. Like all roundups, there are event guidelines and registration regulations.

Before the roundup begins, each participant decides whether he wants to be a mare, a stallion, or a cowboy. Cowboys must be interviewed and approved by The Master of the Horse.

It is not possible to change roles once the Roundup begins.

At the start of the Roundup, the mares arrive before the stallions. With the help of the cowboys and stable boys, the naked mares are hobbled (bound) and their eyes are covered with blinders. They are lead to various hitching posts and stalls on the property, both inside the stables and outside in the paddocks, grazing lawns, and woods.


After the mares are ready, the stallions appear and can fully inspect the hobbled mares at their leisure. When a stallion has decided on a mare, he unties and leads the mare to a covering place of his choice. When the stallion has finished covering the mare, this mare is then available for covering by other stallions.

Cowboys have free rein of the property - they can ride any mare or stallion, but never more than one mare and one stallion can be roped and ridden at a time by a cowboy. HD

The Master of the Horse