Comments from past Roundup stallions & mares:

name: TheGreatSoutherner
location: Boston, MA
comments: I went to the November (2016) Roundup. This was one of the most awesome experiences I\'ve had as it was a great group of guys that made me feel very welcome into the group. I\'d definitely go again.

name: Craig
location: Goshen/NH/USA
comments: The best word for the Roundup is \'Awesome\'. It was a fun and exciting time. It was well organized and attended by prime examples of \'livestock\'! The setting was perfect. An experience worth repeating again, again and again. After have to try every role ;-)

name: Ben
location: Portland, ME USA
comments: Great time! Thanks for so much fun.

name: Tom
location: Portland, ME USA
I never know what to write for comments.  I talk too much and use too many words.  Suffice it to say, we had a really good time.  Oddly enough, the best times were as you had suggested they might be:  the Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday daytime.  The energy was high, the Volley Ball games were a hoot, the relaxed atmosphere, the guys converging from all over, people disappearing here and there.   Although for sure, the height of the action Saturday night was intense complete with the reality of things not always going precisely as planned (but certainly close enough!).

name: David
location: DC
comments: Very hot event! A bunch of cool guys who know how to hang naked and get into it all. Something for everyone!

name: ssflash101
location: Baltimore MD
comments: I will definitely be back! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Every detail from the location, the host, the hot men that participated, all contributed to making me feel comfortable and ready to be ridden...and ridden hard! woof! Thanks everyone... looking forward to next time!

name: Thomas
location: MA
comments: The atmosphere is welcoming, relaxed, and sexy. People are friendly but not in your face or phony, if you want company there are people to talk to but if you want to be alone that didn't seem to be a problem. If you are nervous about going by yourself and not knowing anyone, don't be, there will be others in the same situation. I went by myself and had as good a time as everyone else. I'll probably go again and try to stay both nights not just one.

name: Craig
location: Goshen/NH/USA
comments: It was another fun gathering filled with great men. The momentary periods of rain merely increased the indoor socialization. The roundups get better as time passes!!