When can I leave? Do I have to stay until the end of the Roundup?

You are free to leave the event at any time. If you have an overnight accomodation (that is, a bed or bunk), you must return to it when you leave the grounds or stables. If you want to leave the property completely, you can do so, but please notify a stable boy or The Master of the Horse when you leave before the end of the Roundup. You may also visit the upper common room of the lodge if you want to take a break from the Roundup, but would like to return to inspect more mares at a later time. The complete arrangements and layout of the grounds, stables, and lodge will be explained when you arrive for the Roundup. Videos and pictures of The Gargoyle House can be seen on its website.

Mares taking a rest

Mares who need to take a break, for whatever reason, are escorted to a separate Mares common room in the lodge, where they may rest until they are returned to the Roundup grounds or stables. They may not remove their blinders or blindfolds while resting and thier needs will be attended to by the stable boys or the Cowboys.

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