What do the mares do?

The mares are the basic component of the Rough Stock Roundup -- they are the foundation for the distinct pleasure all the other particpants enjoy. Every real cowboy knows nothing quite excites like a good long ride on a sturdy mare!

As such, the mares are expected to follow the primary rule of never refusing to be covered or ridden by a stallion or a cowboy. The execptions to this requirement:

Can the mare do more than be covered?

Any other behavior than the basic covering or riding of a mare is entirely at the mare's discretion and can only occur with the mare's agreement. If the mare wants to engage in other sexaul behaviors (oral, ff, ws, etc) they can tell their mounts -- but this must be done explicitly. Nothing coercive is allowed -- this is not a BDSM party and no aggressive behavior towards mares is allowed. They are the prized horses of this event -- they may consent to anything, but it must be the mare who makes the decision.

The Cowboys special role in this event is to ensure the care and well-being of all the mares, and to bridle and control the stallions, making sure they treat the mares with the same respect and consideration the cowboy shows toward all horses. That's why cowboys are offered the special role of mounting a mare or a stallion -- even if the stallion is already covering a mare.

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