When is the next Roundup?

The Rough Stock Roundups occur generally every month, depending on the availability of the estate grounds. They are usually on Saturday evenings. You may book for staying both Friday and Saturday nights at the hosting lodge, on a first come, first served basis - see the menu item for Contact Us & Registration for more information and reservations. In the winter months, the Roundups are held indoors, using the entire hosting lodge as the Stables.

Watch a short Video (members only) taken in our new venue which shows what you can expect indoors
And a short clip from the August Roundup -- the saloon in use (members only)

The events will be using the stalls setup--click here or here for a picture

A list of the upcoming event dates is below. If a Roundup is booked up completely, the next available Roundup date is assumed to be the default for reservation requests.

Upcoming 2019-20 early Winter Roundup dates:

new date: Friday/Saturday, February 7 & 8, 2020
Ridden Hard Without a Saddle









Friday, March 6th, 2019
theme: March Madness II- First Round


Saturday, March 7th 2019
theme: March Madness II - Second Round