Do I need to make a reservation for joining in the Rough Stock Roundup, or for accomodations?

Yes, reservations are required. If you have not contacted The Master of the Horse and been approved as a Member of the Rough Stock Roundup, you will not be allowed to particpate. Most men will be staying over in accomodations provided by The Gargoyle House. There are a number of different sleeping arrangements available, including inhouse single bunks, shared double/queen beds, outside authentic Crow tipis, and a bunkhouse-trailer.

Use the Contact Us & Registration option from the main menu to register and to book your accomodations. A limited number of men will be allowed to join the Roundup without booking accomodations, but they must leave the grounds at the end of the event -- there are no places to 'crash' and staying in another man's bunk or bed (doubling up) is not acceptable.

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